Investment in the catering industry seems easy, quick money, causing a lot of entrepreneurial interest. However, there are a lot of problems in the pre-opening period, complicated procedures for application for license plates, and a lot of mental time for government departments such as the Fire Services Department, the Buildings Department and the FEHD to take turns examining. Therefore, the Company has assembled a number of license applicants to the licensing notice, so as not to have unnecessary trouble.

Information on cards

Information on Applicants for Restaurant Licenses

The selection of premises for the operation of restaurants under the Occupation Permit and Government Land Leases;

The selection of premises without unauthorized building works; (with reference to approved building plans)

Attention to the selection of premises with adequate load capacity; (refer to approved building plans)

Choose a place where there is an escape route;

The selection of premises for the installation of independent ventilation systems in the galley, toilet and seats;

The selection of premises for water supply, flushing toilets and proper drainage systems;

Reference to the requirements in the Ordinance relating to drainage, prevention of air pollution and noise control;

Design plans of the premises to be applied for a restaurant license and design drawings of the air conditioning / ventilation system in triplicate;

Together with the application form, to the relevant licensee group; the plan shall be drawn in decimal units (not less than 1: 100) in decimal units;

An authorized person or a registered structural engineer shall be employed if a large scale alteration or addition is required or is unfamiliar with one of the above requirements.

Should not be selected:

The premises in the industrial building should not be selected;

The premises designated for residential purposes upstairs should not be selected;

Shall not be selected to be located at or below the fourth floor basement;

Shall not be selected for the purpose of selecting premises at the place designated for use in an emergency;

The selection of premises at the lower level of a registered school, child care center or residential care home should not be selected to avoid posing a fire risk to such facilities;

Should not be selected to select only one staircase of the upper floor of the building units;

It is not advisable to use a kitchen, a food preparation room or a dishwashing room with a manhole or manure / sewer pipe and a rainwater pipe.

Repair or decoration of the premises shall not commence until the application for the examination of the application has been made by the panel;

The proposed design drawings, which have been approved by the application review panel, should not be modified unnecessarily. Any change will delay the processing of the application;

Should not commence operation without a license issued by the licensing authority;

The provisions of other government departments such as the Buildings Department, the Fire Services Department, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and the Environmental Protection Department should not be left out (even if a license has been issued).

Application for a Liquor License

Under the laws of Hong Kong, any person who wishes to sell or supply alcoholic beverages on premises is required to have a valid restaurant license or clubhouse license at his premises. The annual fee charged by the Government is $ 1,990 and the liquor license is $ 3,940. Any person convicted of an unlicensed liquor sale by the police shall be liable on conviction to a fine of up to a maximum penalty of $ 10 million for the sale of any liquor without a license, in accordance with the Dutiable Commodities Ordinance. $ 1 million and imprisonment for two years The Company has extensive experience in applying for any liquor license, providing professional services and applying for liquor licenses in an efficient manner. And professionals will closely follow up on all applications for liquor licenses, so that the applicant has a clear understanding of the progress of the liquor license.